MoonRun helped me run again (and lose 19KG in 6 months) !

This is my story.

I'm 27 years old, and I love sports, especially running. It wasn't always like this because when I was in High School, I suffered from the problem of being overweight. I tried running as a way of losing weight only to find that despite my weight problem I was a natural runner.

After some short but rigorous training I joined the school running team and represented them in regional competitions. I especially loved long running distances and ran 10KM a few times a week. I kept a regular sleeping plan and diet to prevent injuries but eventually my knees started aching. After some rest and recovery trials , the chronic pain and the fear of causing permanent damage made me stop running. I thought I'll never experience another long distance run in my life.

After a few years without running I gained weight again so I tried swimming and signed up to the gym. But that's not for me…I like running. About six months ago I weighed 85 Kgs (my highest weight so far) and I looked for a solution that would help me to lose weight while doing what I like most of all - running.

My first session with the MoonRun device took me back to the adrenalin rush I had when running in High School. I felt fantastic, free of pain and unlimited. I loved that I could just close my eyes and run ( without the fear of hitting a wall!). MoonRun's portability allowed me to keep my regular routine and still have the time to workout. After one month I felt that my pants were getting too big for me and I still had no pains. I'm a techy person and I love to connect MoonRun sensors to my favorite app and watch my live streaming running specs and virtual character on a 55 inch screen and not on my watch. The running experience is not monotonous like on a treadmill but rather I choose and change my pace spontaneously during the run. I love that I could just reach over and grab my water bottle which is just next to me at all times.
Now, 6 months later, I weigh 66 KG , I broke all my past records and even ran half a marathon, I'm in the best shape of my life and I just cant stop MoonRunning!

Before using MoonRun - 85 KG\After 6 months using MoonRun - 66 KG